fredag 3 augusti 2012

To casino Cosmopol with love

 Name: To casino Cosmopol with love

Size: approx 80x100 cm ??

Material: Acrylic on canvas

Versions (how many times the motif is used): 1

Note: When I was working at the Border Police unit back in 2004 one of my working mates quit his work to start work as a security supervisor at Gothenburg new builded Casino Cosmopol. I had him as my mentor and wanted give him something special. My other working mates was asked if they wanted to be apart of it and bought a place to put their name. 

As he was going to start working at a casino I thought it was great fun to do a classic Bond painting and even if the picture is from "the living daylight" the title idea comes from "To Russia with love”". My "Bond" has a bround belly and very little hair :D

I like the place I found to put my signature... in the gun!

Price: Private

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