Karl Ögland

Karl Ögland was born in 1969. He grew up in the small and idyllic sailingtown Marstrand on the swedish westcoast. At the age of 20 he moved to Gothenburg and started to work; not with art but as a jail guard. With lots of spare time he begun to paint and started to do so more seriously in 1997. Ten years later his life got a new turn and he moved to Finland, started to study basic computers and is now living in Esbo with his wife and a daughter. There's not much time to paint nowadays but he tries to keep up with his hobby whenever possible.

The purpose of his art, according to Kalle, is to make people happy. There is already enough serious and sad art in the world. It's better to enjoy life and see that he had fun while creating the painting you're looking at.

With a great interest in comics, it's not surprising that Kalle is painting popart, with artists as Roy Lichtenstein as the never ending source of inspiration. Other artists that have inspired his work are Franco Costa, Matisse, Carl Larsson, Patrick Caulfield and Odd Nerdum.

Karl sold nearly everything already from his first exhibition back in 1998 and several art associations have been interested in his art. Besides paintins, Karl has also done some illustrations for Andersson & Hult AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) and wallpaintings. He has also made some special ordered paintins, for example the first prize for the swedish championship for the sailingboat Express (2002) as well as a birthday painting to Xanana Gusama (2001), former president in East Timor. According to the client (who was there as a UN-policeofficer) the painting was very appriciated!