fredag 3 augusti 2012

Marstrand souvenirs

In the middle of the 1990's I was contacted by Pins Company in Gothenburg because the company owner used to spend his summers in Marstrand. He thought that the souvenirs sucked and wanted to make new ones, he liked my art and contacted me. From the beginning there was a lots of stuff planned to be made, of course the selection shrinked and when it finally came to production only some pins was made.

In a way I'm not surprised because at that time I wasn't experienced with computers and was making all the sketches on paper. The company scanned my watercolored paintings and used them as originals, therefor both the colors are very weak (like sissy) and they also thought it was a great idea to use my crappy handwriting.

When the company went down in early 2000 the owner gave me all the souvenirs (he couldn't sell any of them)...

I've been painting Marstrand as a pop artist but also from the north side which is very rare, you don't see that view very often in paintings (or postcards). 

The bottle opener
Should I laugh? The example we got was made in a very soft alloy and broke at the very first try.

The key-ring
OK, it could have worked but the colors are weak and I hate my handwriting! Looks as a child have been writing and not a professional work at all.

The pencil
I'm a bit surprised this wasn't made. The ferry "Spårvagnen" (the tram) is going between the islands Koön and Marstrand. I have the only pencil, the promotion pen ;)

The pins
Back in the 1990's it was the Pin age and every city or event should have at least one pin. The painting I did later as an installation of my work. I made 3 identical paintings but only one remains :P OK, it wasn't that good but at least it still have all the pins in it... So we made six pins and the only one that got mass produced is the soldier, the commander of Carlstens castle.

The coat of arms of Marstrand. 

The classic ferry between Marstrand and the island next to it (Koön). Spårvagnen = the tram. Have I told you I don't like my handwriting? I didn't even had a chance to make a final writing, they are using my sketch.

One of the famous prisoners who has been at Carlsten castle. I kind of like it, but what comes to Lasse-Maja I could have come up with a funnier picture.

The colors are way to weak but I like the picture and how it turned out.

As with most of the pins, way to weak colors and there it is again: my crappy handwriting!

The commander of Carlsten castle at Marstrand. I love this one, but only have one left. For once I think my handwriting isn't that bad, guess that depends of the darker background.

The coat of arms of Marstrand. 
This still pisses me, without saying the company changed my design. The original is down to the right, other colors and a nice star. Of some strange reason the company wanted to have a blank star and also more yellow fishes.


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