torsdag 23 juni 2011

Whisky Cognac Cabinet

Name: Whisky Cognac Cabinet

Size: approx 30x60cm ??

Material: Wreck wood

Versions (how many times the motif is used): ?

Note: One of the whisky cabinet I've made of wreck wood. In the middle of 1990, wintertime I had my boat at a very old and very small boatyard (in Marstrand, Sweden) and the new owner didn't had any interest in all the wreck, boxes and more that lay everywhere. That was indeed a gold mine for me.

Among other stuff I found old boxes for Cognac, but unfortunately they was very moistery so when I brought them in they dried up and "shrinked", or maybe better, "curved" as you can see when the cabinet doors are opened.

The owner has changed the position of the "half moon" (the top of an old herring barrel) and add the boat by herself.

Price: Private, sold

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