lördag 9 oktober 2010

Three paintings ordered!

Name: American Car Recycling

Size: 100x100 cm

Material: 3D canvas

Versions (how many times the motif is used): 1

Note: I've got a funny order with lots of positive stress. My school Prakticum has ordered three paintings!

They wanted paintings as big as possible, but because of how I paint there's a lots of colors so I thought 60x90cm as a canvas size would be perfect. But the (first) art shop didin't had that size so I went to some others.

Finally I found two canvases in 60x90cm-size. A bit disapointed because that was not as big as I'd expected. Damn.

But on special prize I found three 100x100cm canvas that I bought instead... And once again I realized why I don't paint that size more often... 100x100cm is BIG!

Price: sold (more or less)

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